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mari minum

mari minum

Apr 9, 2010

it is just the beginning

been in 2010, it worth a lot of my life. nothing could i say, just to thanks God for setting up my life to being these way.
if there is a words to say, i just could say that 'Syukur ya Allah..'.. now, i have become a fully government employed, which serve for the country.
people may say that i have a very good job indeed, but i would prefer to answer that it just a vision of life which i couldn't imagine before.. completed my study in bachelor of computer engineering, has put me, myself, into a certain level of people surround me.. now, I'm in 'period' of becoming as an aircraft engineer .. there will be big moment to remember when i just got my rank as an officer, and it changed my life a lot..

Nov 13, 2009


aku masih seperti dahulu..
sudah berbulan lamanya...
aku masih begini...
dan kini, penantian ku..
semakin hampir ke kemuncaknya...
tidak sabar rasanya...
untuk aku mengecapinya....

Jan 15, 2009

back for the best

aku rase aku perlu pulang semula ke pangkuan blogspot ini..
setelah sekian lama menyepi... sibuk yg tidak berkesudahan...
ape cerita kali ini.. masih tak dpt aku bicarakan..
aku perlukan masa utk memahami keadaan diriku,
yg masih terumbang ambing....

Jun 25, 2008

suddenly missing them lol...

i'm still in maktab teknik PDRM bakri muar..teach some police personnel how to use windows vista,and microsoft office 2007. it's now time to lunch, and after taking my meal,i' going back to computer lab..

check my email, my friendster account, search for my friend's profile..and i viewing the silver jubilee celebration's photos..

OMG..i missing my friends too much..suddenly my heart beating slowly, i keep myself in a calm mode.. how do face this feeling.. for about 4 years after leaving my secondary school in MRSM Terendak, i found that they're my best friends... no other moments could be the sweetiest one compared to the school or hostel's life..the school's moment...arghh...i miss them....maybe, i should organise some other gathering in future..